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About Me

I am not embarrassed to be cheap.

The truth is, I’m not cheap…I’m frugal. I’m smart with my money. After all, it is a finite resource. My Scottish grandfather taught me to be frugal. Though I’m not wealthy, I’ve always had enough money for my needs. I have very minimal consumer debt. My house is paid for. (No mortgage!) My vacation mountain cabin is paid for. My cars and motorcycles are paid for. I own a vacant lot in Cambria California were I hope to build my retirement home soon. I vacation regularly, recently to Italy and Sicily where I joined my parents and brothers and sisters. We rented a villa together and had a lovely time.

I’m here to share my money saving ideas with you. Follow along from day to day. I hope you enjoy the blog and find money saving ideas that work well for your lifestyle.

Being rich is not always about being wealthy!

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  • Hello this may be a attractive looking web page, is this wordpress blogs? Get rid of me to the irrational issue ( space ) but once so, exactly what theme is that this? Thanks a lot!

  • Thank you for the nice comments. Yes, is a WordPress Blog. It is called “VeryProfessional”, by anonymous.

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