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Cook Meals In Advance!

good foodCook Meals in Advance!

Recently, a dear friend had an accident and had to spend months in physical rehab at home. She found it difficult to cook everyday. I introduced her to a terrific way to prepare every meal you would need for a month, and then freeze them in individual containers. The menus are varied, delicious, easy and fun to prepare. And here is the best part. You will save tons of money!!  You will stop dashing through fast food restaurants for a quick meal, and you will eat healthier. By buying your food in bulk, and preparing individual servings, substantial financial savings are attained.

Give this method a try. It’s perfect for busy people who can’t cook every day, and…it’s another great idea from the Cheapskate Guy!!

Click here:



Secret Restaurant Recipes you can make at home!

secret restaurant recipies

Eating at restaurants is wonderfully entertaining, but very expensive. The Cheapskate Guy says do it, but not every day. How would you like to have a book that demonstrates many of the secret restaurant recipes for meals you know and love? Would you like to be able to make a bucket of KFC chicken that tastes like you just visited the Colonel’s? How about being able to quickly make those buffalo wings you love? What about the home-style deliciousness of pasta from Olive Garden.


Kentucky Fried Chicken

Well now you can! has discovery a terrific cook book that gives step by step instructions to achieve that “oh-so-good…it’s exactly the same” sensation.

Get your copy today! You will not be disappointed!!

secret restaurant recipes






Save fifty percent on steaks, chops, and ribs!

Now is the time for grilling and BBQ! Executive chef Giuseppe Pitruzzello demonstrates how to buy steaks, chops, and ribs at deep discount and easily cut them yourself to save up to 50 % retail cost! This video is incredibly educational and very entertaining!!

Help Your Child Invest Their Money! Investing for Children.

Investing for childrenInvesting can be child’s play. A little wisdom now can lead to long-term gains for your kid’s future. Investing for children is important for a secure future!

Under age 9...As soon as your child grasps the concept of a dollar, start talking about saving and delayed gratification.

1. Implement a weekly allowance. While some parents use it as a reward for completing chores around the house, it can also be a teaching tool to show that earning money is a separate and important skill.

2. Help kids create a simple budget. Explain the benefits of putting money aside for toys, ice cream outings, or other things Mom and Dad usually pay for.

Ages 9-12…Tweens are mature enough to appreciate the concept of using money to make money.

1. Once your child has saved $100 from his allowance, take him to the bank to open a savings account. Allow him to fill out the paperwork so he gets comfortable interacting with financial institutions. Yes, he will be investing in financial products that will earn much more interest than a simple savings account, but that comes later. First he must learn how “banks work”.

2. Consider gifting your child one share of a publicly traded company that he likes, such as Walt Disney, Microsoft, or Coca-Cola. (Share prices range between $30 and $70. Show him how to monitor the stock’s price online.

Ages 13-15…Teens are ready to grasp more complex financial lessons and may ask if investing is risky. While there’s no guarantee stocks will increase in value, over the past ten years the stock market as a whole has appreciated 2 %; in the past 20 years, four%. Investing is also one of the best way to beat inflation.

1. When your teen has at least $100 that is not earmarked for something else, open a custodial brokerage account and invest the money in an S & P 500 index fund. Buying this sort of mutual fund limits risk (you’re investing in a diversified basket of holdings). Review the monthly account statement with your teen.

2. Evaluate one of your own investment portfolios together. If you’ve been saving for your teen’s education for example, share the account so she can see the choices you’ve made and how your money has grown. It also helps her understand how much you’ve saved for her college years.

Ages 16-18…Let your teen manage her portfolio. It’s okay if she makes mistakes–the point is for her to get comfortable so she knows what to do when she’s eligible to contribute to a retirement account.

1…Arrange a meeting between your teen and a grandparent, friend or colleague who is knowledgeable about the market. Ask that “expert” if he would be willing to mentor your teen and touch base semi-regularly about her strategy.

2…Encourage your teen to invest in one or two companies or mutual funds. She should research potential investments online–your brokerage firm may even offer free tools.

Be a good parent when it comes to teaching your children how to handle money. With good training and smart thinking, they will grow up wealthy, and may even be a terrific “cheapskate” just like you and me!

Now let’s recommend some great links to help you teach your youth how to invest their money: . Purchase one share of a company for your kid and he’ll receive a framed stock certificate and starter kit. . Planet Orange, ING Directs”s interactive, space-themed game, teaches kids in grades one through six how to earn, spend, save and invest. GREAT FUN, even for us old grown-ups! . Kids can create virtual stock portfolios and track the real market’s returns.  This one is for your teens. . From market basics to sophisticated strategies used by day traders, this comprehensive site offers tutorials, definitions and news. Great fun for youth AND adults!

And a terrific, solid resource is always . Topics include saving, credit cards and investing, plus definitions of terms such as stocks, bonds, and exchange-traded funds. Charles Schwab  has been an excellent mentor for many years. Step into his classroom and get yourself (and your child) money-wise!!


children saving money

Special thanks to Family Circle magazine for some of the ideas presented in this blog post.

Bargain Shopping, or Haggling? You Choose!

bargaining and hagglingCall it bargain shopping, or call it haggling…everyone loves a great deal.

As you might imagine, the Cheapskate Guy LOVES a great bargain and will haggle for best price as often as he can. Some people are nervous about haggling for fear that they will put the seller at a disadvantage. This is NOT the case! Many sellers EXPECT haggling, and will respect you more because you do. The golden rule of haggling is simple…BOTH parties should be pleased with the transaction. You should always create a win-win purchase; you should get a great price, and the seller should earn his expected profits. Make sure you produce a “Good Trade”.


Here are some tips about bargain hunting and the beauty of good haggling!

At the flea market.

Why it makes sense: Negotiating is expected.

Spending strategy: First walk the flea market to get a sense of prices. Unless there’s something you must have, wait until the end of the day to make purchases. That’s when you get the best deals. Sellers might be planning on clearing out their inventory, and besides…they don’t want to load it back on the truck and lug it home. Always carry cash in coins, dollars, fives, and tens. You don’t want to pay more because you don’t have the correct change. Most importantly, keep in mind that flea markets are almost always final sale. Test items before you by them. Inspect clothing and furniture for holes, stains, or rips. Check dishes for cracks and ask to plug in the electronics to see if they work. If a product is questionable , walk away.

At garage sales.

Why it makes sense: Sellers are as anxious to get rid of items as they are to make a buck.

Spending strategy: Start by connecting with homeowners to see why they’re having the sale. For instance, is their house on the market or has it just been sold? You’ll have more leeway for negotiation. Point out that it’s better for the seller to get $5 for an item, than for it to end up on the curb as junk. If you can’t get the deal you want, leave your phone number and tell the sellers to call you if t no one else shows interest. They just might reconsider your offer right then and there!

At department stores.

Why it makes sense: They have some flexibility and offer perks and extra sales for cardholders.

Spending strategy: Ask the salesperson if there are any in-store coupons he could swipe for you, or if he would honor an expired coupon. Follow your favorite stores on Facebook and Twitter so you’ll be notified about sales in advance. When you’re searching for something specific, do some online research to get an idea of the average price. Examine the merchandise and point out any minor imperfections or flaws in a non-critical way to see if you can get a discount. Many minor flaws can easily be repaired at home. This strategy can usually get you 20% off!

At neighborhood Mom-and Pop stores.

Why it makes sense: The owner has the final say on pricing and may be open to negotiation.

Spending strategy: Try to deal with independent shops when the proprietor is there. If she has stepped out, don’t be afraid to ask the clerk to get in touch with her. Salespeople will often defer to the boss, claiming that they don’t have the authority to modify prices. Many are required to do so. Buying quantity puts you in a better position to bargain. For example offer to buy one pair of shoes at full price if you can get the second pair for half off. Another way to gain bargaining position is to keep tabs on competitors prices. Be mindful of how you bring this up, remember that most small shops often can’t compete with the big-box stores. To be polite (and get your deal), say something like; “I’d love to do business with you since you’re in my neighborhood, but so-and-so has a better price. Can you match their offer, or at least come closer?” You can be polite and still show assertiveness. Inquire about discounts if you should purchase a floor model or showcase item that might be missing its box. Just be sure to get in writing that the item is still covered under warranty.

At furniture and appliance stores.

Why it makes sense: You’re making big purchases.

Spending strategy: Always ask to speak to the manager, since a higher-ranking employee may be more willing and able to work with you. If there’s no wiggle room, there are other ways to save. See if the price includes the tax, or inquire about free delivery, assembly, or treatments like spot guard.

No matter the venue, the key is to never feel embarrassed by bargaining.

Remember to always be polite, be fair, and maintain your dignity.

(Many thanks to Family Circle magazine for some of the ideas presented in this blog.)

Bargain Shopping and Haggling

Appliance Repair and ALL Questions Answered!

Fix anything

Don’t throw anything away that isn’t used up or impossible to repair!

Yesterday, my bread making machine stopped working. I needed appliance repair. Yes, I make my own bread. It’s so much better tasting than store-bought bread, and if you use a bread machine, it takes very little time to produce. Simply dump in the ingredients, push a button, and walk away. I even set mine to start baking in the middle of the night. That way I have fresh-baked bread for breakfast!!

I tried to repair my dead bread machine. I following all the trouble-shooting FAQ’s from the manual. Alas, I narrowed it down to what I think might have been a malfunction in the electronic push button panel. It’s too old (and heavy) to mail in for factory repair. Many owners would have simply thrown it in the e-recycle and spent another $200 on a new bread maker. But not THIS cheapskate!!

I pulled out the big guns and wrote my favorite experts at Just Answer has a panel of experts that can answer any fix-it question you may have from auto repair to zebra veterinarian help. (A to Z!)

For a small fee, I had my answer within minutes. It’s easy, CHEAP, and now my home smells of fresh-baked bread again!

Their website lists these main specialties; Doctors, Lawyers, Mechanics and Veterinarians. To be honest, they can fix ANYTHING! It they don’t have an immediate answer, they’ll bring in an expert that does.

Give them a try. You’ll be happy you did. Just click on the “get answers” box above or below !

The Cheapskate Guy!




Vacation on the CHEAP, and EAT WELL!

vacation camping cooking

Everyone MUST take a vacation regularly to stay sane. Though luxury, expensive vacations are wonderful, there isn’t any reason why you can’t have as much fun “on the cheap”. The cheapskate crew are experts at this. One of the best ways to stay frugal is to go CAMPING! Camping is great fun, wonderfully  healthy, and gloriously natural. You can camp in luxury too. With a little practice, you’ll never have to rough it in the dirt unless you want to.

We will be writing many posts in the future about camping, but this post will focus on one very important aspect of vacationing in the wild outdoors. Let’s talk about FOOD!

Many people are hesitant to go camping for fear that they will have bad food. They think they can’t cook or will need to eat in restaurants they are unfamiliar with, or will simply starve.

This does NOT need to be a concern. Some of the very BEST meals are served out-of-doors. Everything tastes better when cooked outside. Camp cooking is fun, easy, tasty, …and CHEAP!

One of our favorite camping publishers has written a wonderful book on how to have the very best dining experiences in the wild. Whether you are an expert camp cookie or a jittery novice, we highly recommend getting a copy of this yummy book. It’s part storytelling and part cookbook and great fun all around.

Have fun. Here’s the link… COOKERYvacation camp cooking



Get Free Government Grant Money!

Free Government Grant MoneyMany of our readers ask about the possibilities of receiving government grant money. The truth is, YES, huge money is out there, available, and not hard to get. I speak from personal experience. I write at least one grant a year, and for the last 13 years my success rate has been in the high 90 percent. There is no “trick”. It is not hard.  However, you  must write the applications perfectly or you will be denied. So naturally, has done the research for you and located the very best website to help you learn how to apply for those grants and win them every time.

Here’s the link. Now go get some United States Government Grant Money! WRITING
Easy Grant Money


Need some quick and easy cash, working from home?

Work from home

Many of our readers ask us, “Cheapskate-Guy, what can I do that is quick and easy and will make me some substantial cash from home while working on the Internet?” The answer is, there really isn’t anything “quick and easy”. There is no free-lunch, and everything worthwhile takes work. However, we have located many mentors that will show you the straight-and-forward way to fill your bank accounts with money WITHOUT making silly, naive mistakes along the way.

One of our many terrific mentors will show you how to get paid by conducting “surveys” on the Internet. It’s classy and legit, and readers actually enjoy taking these much-needed surveys. Companies NEED research data gathered by surveys, and they’ll pay you big-time to gather it for them.

Check out the link below, and get started right now!!

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Make money at home

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Our goal is to post dozens of money-saving tips to help our readers become financially independent. We’ll be writing about debt reduction, buying at steep discounts, using coupons to save big bucks, traveling for free, investing your hard-earned money, making money while you sleep, and much…much…more!

Come back soon and come back often!

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